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Find Your Voice. Change Your Life.

Welcome to Honest Wellness!

Hey! I’m Jennifer. Wellness pusher, best selling author, serial entrepreneur, and popular motivational speaker. I’m the founder and president of JBE/The Phoenix Group - a wellness leadership and empowerment consultancy that works with individuals and businesses on discovering and building their personal voice. My goal is to disrupt the wellness industry through celebrating imperfection.

As a domestic violence and breast cancer survivor who uses my own personal story of facing obstacles as inspiration to living beyond your challenges, I believe it is important to recognize that we still deserve beautiful spaces and experiences despite the challenges we all have in life. Perfection isn’t my platform, but extraordinary spaces and spirits are - wherever you are in your journey. You can desire and appreciate great things, beautiful experiences, and powerful exchanges despite the challenges in your life. As a matter of fact, wonderful things may be more important in creating your life’s balance because of them. I’m not always shiny. I don’t have the perfect house, job, or relationship. I don’t work out every day, and my platform doesn’t pretend like I do. That’s the plan! Create the great starting right where you are.

I strive to be a relatable, honest (yet occasionally comical) expert on human behavior, wellness and inspiration. I remind people through my life and actions that healing and beauty are a process and we all deserve it. If you want to join me on this journey, click here.


Experiences & Workshops

Where will team JB be this year? Wherever it is, you can rest assured we will be harnessing power, strengthening our voices, and curating amazing lives!


Leadership Programming

From corporate events to campus retreats, we can help you generate a more powerful voice for your team, organization, or brand! Find out more about how we can customize a workshop for your management team, greek lettered organization, or nfp group.


BGLO Members and administrators click below for on campus programming information:


Products and Small Batch Goodies

From the items we make to the products we love, all the things that we know will bring you healing and joy can be found here. supplies are limited and change often, so check back regularly!