...Jennifer captures the essence of intelligent self-expression as only a successful “entrepren-artist” could. She dares to write and speak in an unconventional yet thought-provoking style that brings appropriately different perspectives to any meeting, round table, or think tank.
— Emmett Vaughn, Director - Office of Diverse Business Empowerment - Exelon Corporation

Jennifer Bridgeforth’s words of encouragement are a breath of fresh air in a world full of realism! The positive spirit of tenacity lifts from the pages and seeps into the reader’s soul; ultimately leaving he/she inspired and fired up to accomplish anything
— KJ, Washington, DC

Her leadership workshop was life changing! I took so many notes and instituted so many changes on behalf of our organization. We ended up having an award-winning year because of her strategies!
— TT, Oregon

Aha moments abound!
— Mo, Cameroon

Her workshop on entrepreneurship is amazing. It is a powerful experience in strategy and inspiration.
— Cheryle, Chicago, IL

Her story is something that will blow you away! The tenacity and openness that she displays, even in the face of extraordinary adversity are inspirational.
— Lily, Mexico

Healing. Wellness. Classy environments. Inspiration and empowerment inside and out!
— Rachel, Nebraska

Her Author’s Masterclass changed my entire strategy as a writer. She probably saved me money and my sanity!
— Kellen, Chicago