What do you do?

The focus of this page is to create a conversation and a community around the betterment of ourselves from the inside out. I pride myself on creating empowering conversations, strategies, excursions, trainings and workshops that help everyday people make extraordinary changes to their personal lives. Our motto sums it up best: Find Your Voice, Change Your Life!

After 25 years of sales and marketing positions in Corporate America, I realized the component of each role I loved the most was my knack for creating inspiring and effective relationships through not just focusing on the business, but identifying the greatness of the person first. This platform allows me to do that across the world through workshops, books, speeches, and any other way where I can emphasize the importance of recognizing our individual greatness so that it powers everything we desire to accomplish in our lives.

How often are your events?

It depends on my travel schedule!

I typically try to do at least 2 workshops and a networking event each month. I also do entrepreneurial seminars monthly on topics that my followers and supporters request. My getaways have been quarterly, but they are becoming more frequent! I include anything that empowers the mind, body, and physical space. If you have something you would like me to cover on the site or in your local market, please feel free to let me know at info@jenniferbridgeforth.com. I am based in Chicago, but host events in other locations.

What if I cannot make one of your live workshops?

No worries! If you aren’t in the same spot as a live workshop, you can still get access. Many of them are uploaded to the site as a webinar for purchase. For more info check our home page, or sign up for our mailing list.