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Let Me assist in enhancing your life!


Jennifer Bridgeforth is a dynamic speaker, motivator, author, and consultant who would be ideal for your next event, workshop, conference, sales meeting, or breakout session.  Her 25+ years of expertise in corporate sales and training, diverse entrepreneurial accomplishments, and her work with empowering young adults in a diversity environments gives her public speaking a personal edge.  She combines challenging life experiences with personal successes to convey the message that a winner lives in everyone—as soon as we realize that we can create our own game! She uses the book and her personal story to get readers and audiences to recognize their innate ability to be happy and successful, and to not be afraid of the journey to find their own big breakthrough.  Jennifer wants to be an inspiration that greatness in your future does not end because of difficulty in your past.  

Jennifer also conducts empowerment seminars at high schools and colleges to moderate real discussions about creating healthy perceptions and boundaries in life and relationships.  These discussions are based on her book “Wisdom in Pieces: Motivational Moments for Real Life” that is in bookstores now.


Jennifer’s programs empower people to authentically live a better life from the inside out.  This type of insight is not just for your personal relationships, but for your business interactions as well!  Many of us are with our clients and co-workers for just as long as we are with our families on any given day.  For that reason, our abilities to connect and cultivate better relationships just as important in the workplace as they are at home.  To assist you with succeeding at this, Jennifer creates customized content that does not just focus on how to create good relationship, but how to cultivate and keep them long term.  Some of her past seminar topics have included:


· Re-stack the Deck: Getting the life you desire after you grab the cards.


- Capture vs. Keep: How to get the clients and employees you want, and how to maximize

their loyalty to your brand.


- Client Styles: How to identify the engagement styles you encounter in business to maximize the sale.


· Shift!: Creating empowerment through personal awareness


· Greater Than: A celebration of redefining you!


· Love is a Verb: Preparing for the relationships you desire


- The Tapestry: Understanding the threads that create and define you, and how to adjust when needed!

Small groups, book clubs, and community panels are also a great venue for her message.  Entrepreneurs are also welcome for one on one advice to jump start your sales or marketing plans. For all inquiries and custom requests, please contact us!